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Individual Nutrition Plan

The right nutrition is the basis for the effectiveness of a natural medicine treatment. The main goal is to determine and resolve the current and long-term needs of the body. To reach this diagnostic and therapeutic goal, I compile a comprehensive physical case history based on the past dietary habits, the current complaints, laboratory tests and nutrition tests. The evaluation of the results will then produce a suitable nutrition plan.

The natural medicine-based cancer therapy can provide a number of important indicators for our normal and prophylactic nutrition plan. The therapists William Wolcott and Johanna Budwig should be mentioned at this point

If the nutrition fails to achieve the wanted results, it is also possible to use high quality substances to solve the deficiency conditions (orthomolecular medicine).

The successful treatment of most chronic illnesses requires a change in the dietary behavior.

It is important to state here that no nutrition plan is the same. Instead, we create an individually plan based on your specific needs! Every body has different needs.