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Strengthening the Immune System

Conventional medicine - homeopathic - natural medicine

Our health and our immune system - according to latest research - seem to be governed by highly complex interconnections: The food we eat, the process of nutrition intake, our life philosophy, the degree of essential substances in our food and the free flow of energy in our bodies are just a few aspects which we can influence the strength of immune system. Other factors have a negative impact on our immune system: Heavy metal contamination, parasitic and fungal infections of the intestines, which prevent the absorption of healthy substances from food, or a growing center of inflammation. Therefore, we proceed, step by step, to build up the immune system by eliminating disrupting factors and balancing out deficiencies. This provides a solid foundation for mental and physical health!

A strong immune system can be achieved by combining the knowledge and advantages of individual areas - conventional medicine, homeopathy as well as traditional herbal medicine - and applying the appropriate substance at the right moment. We follow the ancient wisdom of “as little as possible, as much as necessary”.

Using the Applied Kinesiology (AK) muscle test method, we directly test the body’s response (tolerance and effect) to the active substances. This results in a very finely tuned therapy based on the purest active ingredients - a double insurance for you with regards to the active substances.

In addition, we will check your laboratory status with elaborate laboratory measurements. Your initial status as well as a process status are taken which provide the necessary benchmarking. And, we are able to test the immune system’s ability to react to different stimulation such as mistletoe or thymus preparations.