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Optimum Performance for your Management and Employees

Maintaining the full performance levels of your staff is a prerequisite for the success of your work. More and more companies, concerned with the welfare of their people, realize this.

Deficiencies resulting from our low nutrient diet and eating habits are often the reason for chronic fatigue, allergies and reduced performance.

Natural medicine preventative check-ups offer completely new, significant and effective diagnostic and treatment methods, and they maintain the performance of your staff - or, regenerate lost capacity: For this, I have created a meaningful recommendation, which I would like to present to you: A physical examination using muscle tests (AK) in combination with orthomolecular medicine (body building block science based on elemental forms of minerals and trace elements) are an optimum approach. Such an individual examination and treatment with extensive manual work is rarely available from the general doctor or occupational health physician.

You can provide your staff with the best performance capacity in their job and leisure time.

I. Basic Check

The following examinations are conducted at our practice:

  • Comprehensive anamnesis and physical examination using AK (Applied Kinesiology according to G. Goodheart) at least 60 minutes.
  • Individual specification of the first steps (e.g. colon cleaning, heavy metal detoxification, substitution of obvious deficiencies, necessary dietary adjustments)
  • Laboratory examinations:


    • Whole blood analysis in a special laboratory
    • Large blood image, BSG, CRP, clotting factors Quick, PTT, TZ , HBR
    • Blood fats: cholesterol, HDL- und LDL cholesterol, triglyceride, lipoprotein-A
    • Blood sugar empty, HbA1C for diabetes early diagnosis
    • Liver, bile and pancreas: GOT, GPT, Gamma-GT, alcaline phosphatase, Cholinesterase, bilirubin, amylase
    • Kidney values: uric acid, creatinin, urea
    • Thyroid gland hormones: FT3, FT4, TSH
    • Heart and blood vessel marker: homocystein
    • Stress profile: DHEA, Coenzym Q10


Besides high quality medicine, we emphasize the personal care within an exceptionally pleasant surrounding.

This basic check-up as well as further laboratory tests (see next page) can be covered in one day. Receiving the laboratory results can take around 8 working days. The staff member is then provided with a complete written report including recommendations for further action.

The costs for this Basic Check are covered by your company. Should a therapy be necessary, we assume that this will be paid for by the employee. Most treatments are covered by private health care.



II. Extended Care

All the following laboratory examinations can be combined with the Basic Check:

  • Heavy metal detoxification in combination with a laboratory test for all heavy metals in the body (DMPS test)
  • Stool examination (Enterosan)
  • Tumor marker: CA 15-3 for women
  • PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) for men
  • Osteoporosis profile
  • Fatty acid status
  • Nutrition test (LTT laboratory test)

Further appointments:

  • Nutrition test with AK
  • Stress release (Dipl. Psych. S. Paul) by arrangement
  • Burn-out therapy (Dipl. Psych. S. Paul) by arrangement

I am personally available to you or your company physician for further information and questions.

* The conclusion of a framework contract results in a 10% price reduction on the usual receipts.