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Jaw Joint Disorder

Back pain, shoulder pain, migraines and tinnitus. Just four examples of disorders that can be caused by the strongest muscles in the body, the jaw and masseter muscle - if it is dysfunctional.
Re-balancing these strong muscles can produce a domino-effect through the whole body. From pain relief to, in some case, a complete elimination of the complaints.

Hormone and Jaw Disorders are connected...

Close cooperation with our dental partners clearly shows how jaw joint disorders influence the hormone production, especially female hormones:

The production of thyroid, stress and sexual hormones is easier once the head and neck muscles have received a dental relaxation. Or to put it differently: A hormone deficiency can be caused by a chain reaction due to a false jaw position! Frequent examples of this are whiplash and jaw malpositions!

These illnesses can result in the impairment of posture, breathing and nerve supply. This produces a complex condition which is usually connected to poor hormone levels. It is therefore important that natural medicine, endocrinology (gland and hormone medicine) as well as dental medicine work cooperate to resolve the complexity of this condition. We have our own therapist network! We are able to offer help and advice!

Incompatibilities with Dental Materials

Incompatibilities are possible with all kinds of dental materials (metal alloys, plastics, cement, ceramics, glue, under fillings, etc.). The ability to detect them, for example using a skins test in case of a nickel allergy, are limited. The reason is that only a few incompatibilities occur according to the immunological mechanism, a reaction produced by the skin test. This means that only a small percentage of incompatibilities can be determined by this test.

Aspects such as a metallic taste in the mouth, reddening of the mucous membranes, itching, inflammation of the mouth as well as unspecific complaints in the body do not - in general - follow the classic immunological mechanism. They, therefore, can only be detected using exposition tests or bioenergetic tests.

Using the leukocytes stimulation test, we are also able to measure incompatibilities or material tolerance prior to a treatment.