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Dr. med. Elke Schwesig-Seebach

As a doctor with further training in complementary natural medicine and old traditional treatment methods such as (traditional) Chinese Medicine and the gentle Japanese Kiiko style acupuncture, I firmly believe in a medical practice that combines heart and mind.

I combine the achievements of modern scientific conventional medicine, including the high-tech solutions of laboratory diagnostics, with empirical-based natural medicine methods so as to overcome the scientific alienation of medicine. The treatment with nature-identical hormones is especially close to my heart.    I would like to pass this knowledge on to you. And at the same time build a bridge between traditional wisdom and the challenges of our times.


  • Born, April 1967
  • Study of human medicine and approbation at Hamburg University
  • Worked as a medical doctor on a neurological ward
  • Certificate in marketing from New York University (NYU)
  • Senior consultant with the international consultancy Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  • Training as an art therapist
  • Creative coaching for managers and leaders
  • Training in traditional healing of the indigenous people of North and South America with Loon Schneider and Waheo König, Switzerland
  • Training in complimentary natural medicine and Applied Kinesiology with Wolfgang Gerz, Munich, Germany
  • Training and specialization in International Hormone Society (IHS) with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, Brussels, Belgium and Dr. Alicia Stanton, MD, Connecticut, USA
  • Training in Kiiko style Japanese acupuncture with David Euler, MD - Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA