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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tuina Massage

The Chinese form of massage therapy - Tuina - has a equally long history as the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Tuina massage can be used on any disorders of the organism: e.g. sleeping disorders, hormonal disorders, pain, chronic fatigue.

The meridian
and acupuncture point systems are the basis for treating points along the meridians. The so called tendino muscular meridians are treated along with the acupuncture points. They include parts of the main meridians which run through and supply muscles and fascia structures. Depending on the diagnosis, manual stimulation of varying quality is applied on these points. Tuina also includes simple techniques of direct manipulation of joints as used in chiro practice.

The Tuina Anmo massage: "Tui" (to push), "Na" (to grip), "An" (to press) and "Mo" (to stroke) are just four of many different massage techniques of the Tuina Anmo therapy. They belong to some of the oldest complex manual therapy forms and are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their effectiveness is based on the “opening” of blocked channels and the activation of the blood and energy circulation. The goal is to re-balance Yin and Yang.