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Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Chinese Herbal Therapy (Phyto therapy)

In China, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is mainly practiced as a herbal treatment: It is the first of the five pillars of the Chinese Medicine. With the help of herbs, the disharmonies (diseases) are re-balanced and treated. A therapy can last from a few days (acute illnesses) to a couple of months (in case of protracted illnesses).

These medical drugs consist mainly of herbs. The roots, rind, fruits, seeds and other parts of the herbs are applied in the treatment. Mineral and animal substances are used in addition. Herbal treatment is applied with the help of recipes. These individual formulas may reach from just a few substances to 20 individual substances. Individual herbs are rarely used.

The classic method of administrating the recipe is the so called decoction, which is similar to tea. The formulas can also be used as granulates, tablets or drops - more practical when traveling.

But the greatest effect is achieved with a fresh decoction!