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Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Chinese Nutrition Teachings - Nutrition as part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been applying a holistic nutrition system to maintain human health and resolve disruptions in the organism. The eastern nutritional thinking sees food quality as a function of the body’s ability to process the food. Differentiating diagnostic techniques (for example tongue and pulse diagnosis) help to detect and treat illnesses early on in their development. By applying dietetics according to TCM, it is possible to strengthen the organism and, thereby, prevent diseases from occurring in the first place! The nutritional recommendations are always based on the individual needs of a patient. They are applied once we have the complete results of the energetic condition of all organ systems.

A wealth of experience and knowledge which can have a powerful and - inexpensive -  effect on your health!

The Five Elements Nutrition:

  • Wood: Acidic, channels within and maintains the juices.
  • Fire: Bitter, channels downwards, activates the transformation.
  • Earth: Sweet, distributes in all directions, nurtures and moisturizes.
  • Metal: Sharp, channels upwards and outwards, is moving and releases stagnation.
  • Water: Salty, channels deeply, strengthens the bones, releases stagnation.