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TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin

DUALE MEDIZIN natürlich wegweisend

Dr. med. Elke Schwesig-Seebach

TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin

TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin
TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin
TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin
TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin
TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin
TCM Naturheilkunde Duale Medizin


Dr. med. Elke Schwesig-Seebach

-private medical practice-

Dachauer Str. 9
80335 München
(300m from rail station)
Tel.: +49 89-51618910 or 54329908

We are a private medical practice based in Munich and Berlin.

Private Medical Practice for Natural Medicine
Dr. med. Elke Schwesig-Seebach in Munich.


Special treatment methods: Natural medicine endocrinology, immunology and oncology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and gentle Japanese Kiiko style acupuncture.

Wechseljahre der Frau

Female Menopause

The menopause can be the cause of hot flush, depression and osteoporosis. But not every woman needs treatment...  more >

Wechseljahre des Mannes

Male Menopause

The term climacterium virile defines the time in a man's life when his testoterone level drops rapidly. In in this stage of life,...   more >



Thyreoditis Hashimoto

Thyreoiditis Hashimoto

The number of Thyreoiditis Hashimoto patients is increasing rapidly - but the diagnosis is often not made... more >



Fibromyalgy is a severe chronic disease with muscle pain. It causes a generalized pain of the muscle tissue and tendons base.   more >



Preparatory and supporting bio-oncological treatment for the increased effectiveness of primary therapies such as operations, chemo or radiation therapy...   more >


Hyperthermia Center

We treat your immune weakness, joint pain as well as tumors in the hyperthermia center... more >

Our treatment focuses on the natural healing of medical conditions resulting from cancer, female menopause or perimenopause as well as the male andropause and immune system disorders.

All our therapy approaches start with a comprehensive first appointment (60 - 90 minutes). Here, we will already discuss therapy goals and concepts together. This will include your individual preferences, needs and previous therapy experiences - including natural medicine. The appointment ends with the Chinese pulse and tongue diagnostic, which indicates additional therapeutic steps to be taken (acupuncture, acupressure (Tuina), Chinese herbal therapy). The medical diagnostic is enhanced by high-tech laboratory analysis of blood, saliva, urine and stool. 

In case of cancer we also work with biogenetic markers along with the complete set of all oncologic markers. The therapy is usually based on high-quality natural substances as well as bio-identical hormones in coordination with latest pharmaceutical developments (targeted drugs). The oncological treatment is considered a systemic approach and based on a profound diagnostic and includes local- and wholebody hyperthermia, immuno stimulation and direct anti-cancer treatments.

Aktuelle News

Die Praxis ist vom 14. bis 18. August 2023 geschlossen.

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Dr. med. Elke Schwesig-Seebach

As a doctor with further training in complementary natural medicine and old traditional treatment methods such as (traditional) Chinese Medicine and the gentle Japanese Kiiko style acupuncture, I firmly believe in a medical practice that combines heart and mind. more >

  • Female and male hormone disorders and hormone treatment
  • Menopause disorder (climacterium)
  • Flabby skin tissue and body muscles (sarcopenia)
  • Flabby skin and wrinkles in the face
  • Male and female reproductive disorders (fertility) and accompanying child wish treatment with nature-identical hormones and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Potency and erection disorder (andrology)
  • Thyroid gland illnesses such as Thyreoditis Hashimoto
  • Acne
  • High blood pressure and hypertension
  • Osteoporosis and calcium deficiency
  • Obesity and adiposity
  • Hair loss, increased body hair
  • Hypophysis illness (pituitary gland)
  • Adrenal gland illness, adrenal gland exhaustion and Burn-out symptoms with Cortisol deficiency
  • Enzyme disorders (adrenogenitale syndrom)
  • Period disorders
  • Endometriosis and endometriosis complaints
  • Polycystic ovary (PCO)
  • Premenstrual syndrome PMS
  • Continuous bleeding (menorrhagia, hypermenorrhoea)
  • Non-cancerous regrowth of the uterus (myoma)
  • Prevention with nature-identical hormones
  • Treatment with nature-identical hormones, hormone substitution especially in the menopause are
  • Thyroid gland illnesses
  • Adrenal gland illnesses, adrenal gland exhaustion and Burn-out in children
  • Hypophysis illnesses
  • Overweight and low weight
  • Insufficient growth of the secondary sexual characteristics