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Dachauer Str. 9
80335 Munich
(entrance Mars Str.)

Tel.: 089 51618910 oder 089 54329908
Fax: 089 255529679
Mail: anmeldung@duale-medizin.de

We are a private medical practice and day clinic for integrative  medicine in Munich.

Our opening hours:

Monday: 09:00–13:00 14:30–18:00

Tuesday & Wednesday: 09:00–13:00

Thursday: 09:00–13:00 14:30–18:00

Friday: 09:00–13:00

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

About Duale Medizin

Private medical office and day clinic
Dr. med. Elke Schwesig-Seebach
Dr. med. Ioana Salvatore

We practice conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine. The concept of integrative medicine with naturopathic endocrinology means that we carry out naturopathic procedures as an integrated part of specialist treatment. They do not replace the conventional approach, but rather are coordinated with the therapies.

Our main focus is on: oncology, immunology, hyperthermia, laser treatments and menopause - whether in women or men.

“Since it is beneficial to health, I have decided to be happy” (Voltaire)

Our way of working

We take time for our patients with the concept of “listening - advising - acting effectively” in order to make people healthy or maintain their health. We want to treat causes instead of symptoms. We see guidelines as assistance and recommendations from medical societies, but we decide on the therapy concept ourselves based on our experience and our expertise with you as an individual with needs and wishes.

We only use antibiotics and chemotherapy after extremely careful indications. For us, the focus is on optimizing the body's metabolism, hormones and immune system. In this way we create the conditions for the mobilization of self-healing powers.