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Hormone Treatment for Men and Women

Pre-menstrual syndrome, cycle complaints, contraception, menopause, migraine, chronic pain syndrome or osteoporosis - issues, which women are confronted with during their life time. Men, too, experience menopause (climacteric virile) or notice a sudden erectile dysfunction or muscle degeneration...

How can I notice indicators for the dysfunctional regulation of the hormone supply? What is critical and which actions can I take myself? What can I do to ensure my future well-being?

A holistic natural medicine treatment offers alternatives to conventional medicine. It focuses on dysfunctional organ and hormone regulations and highlights the causes and interconnections. Here, the focused and cautious use of nature-identical hormones is a key to improving the condition.

The Combined Hormone Therapy - an ultra modern therapy with nature-identical hormones

When you mention hormone therapy (hormone treatment), most people think of synthetic hormones. This is not what we are talking about! In the case of sexual and stress hormones, we only use nature-identical hormones extracted from yam roots.

  • Menopause complaints/ disorder in climacterium & menopause
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Cycle dysfunction, irregular bleeding
  • Desire to have children
  • Skin eczema
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Forgetfulness, memory disorder

The healing of multiple hormone deficiencies is only possible, if all missing hormones are replaced in their appropriate quantity and at the same time. Hormones are team players! This requires the relevant diagnosis which provides a hormone overview, including their availability in the body at the start of the treatment: The 24 hour urine sample. Since no laboratory in Germany can provide this analysis, we work together with a laboratory in Belgium.

Hormone stabilization can occur internally and externally. Internally, all forms of substance administration have an effect on the body. Externally, so called medical cosmetics, a personalized formula of nature-identical hormones is applied to great effect.

Through our leadership, natural medicine, endocrinology (gland and hormone therapy) as well as competent laboratories work hand-in-hand to solve the complexity of any condition.

The treatment of other hormone producing organs, such as thyroid glands, is also based on the following holistic aspects:

  • Cleaning the body, e.g. intestinal stress and/or heavy metals
  • Adding essential trace elements, minerals and vitamins
  • Stabilizing the meridian flows
  • Adding organ effective substances, e.g. organ extracts
  • Replacing deficient hormones
  • Structural adjustments, e.g. through osteopathy
  • Reflexology therapy, e.g. acupuncture, reflex massage

Coming back from the most recent conference of the International Hormone Society in Brussels, we brought the latest treatment methods with nature-identical hormones: Dr. Thierry Hertoghe - Brussels - supports the entire hormonal system - not just individual hormones! This is new! We need to consider the complete hormone orchestra as hormones may block and/or reinforce each other! We have gained a completely new understanding of hormone complexity and therapy. We now work simultaneously with multiple nature-identical hormones so as to reduce side effects and increase the healing process! Example: In the case of many symptoms, thyroid gland hormones + progesterone + estrogen belong together!

We are members of the International Hormone Society