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Complex symptoms

Unclear clinical pictures and rare diseases! – We specialize in this!

"I'm not feeling well - but the blood values ​​are fine..."

Unclear clinical pictures such as dizziness, states of exhaustion, depressive or aggressive moods and difficulty concentrating often require more than diagnosis using a small blood count, where only a few superficial values ​​are examined. Often these are more complex diagnostic profiles that may even have to be sent to special laboratories. Only then can the problems be clearly identified. However, some practices are not set up for this because it requires a lot of effort in laboratory processing. We have developed extensive expertise in the field of laboratory diagnostics and interpretation and take the time for the sometimes really necessary medical detective work!


“Actually, there was nothing special at all. Still, things are going badly…”

We are convinced that a body can compensate for many deficits for a long time. But then suddenly a seemingly small event causes the system to tip over and the downward spiral begins... a tooth infection, a flu, an antibiotic that was taken... the lowest common denominator of your energy deficit could then be a so-called mitochondriopathy with the result of reduced energy production in the be single cells. Then the mitochondriopathy should be treated carefully. Detecting and treating mitochondrial diseases is one of our main focuses!

“Now I should take psychotropic medication!”

The administration of psychotropic drugs is often an emergency solution - and the emergency solution cannot be dealt with better due to a lack of time in the practice. So the downward spiral continues downwards...Most psychotropic drugs do not treat the cause of a complaint, but only a symptom and therefore do not provide a real solution in the long term - and often only provide further side effects. But there are many other solutions and finding the actual cause usually leads to a therapeutic approach. We take the time to find this path and only consider psychotropic drugs as a last resort and only when they are really necessary!

“Now I’ve been to so many different doctors and therapists that I don’t feel like starting all over again and telling everything again.”

The ENT doctor spoke of an inner ear disorder. The endocrinologist suspects Hashimoto's thyroiditis...The ophthalmologist prescribed prism glasses for me. A Lyme disease specialist was sure it was Lyme disease. I should also go to osteopathy... these are common experiences with unclear complaints... It is easier if the complaints can be diagnosed and treated under one roof and from a single source - without annoying friction losses or a lack of handovers within the medical team. Then all the individual information can flow together and form a whole picture! We don't just work across disciplines, we work holistically and also look beyond the discipline!