Duale Medizin health culture and sales company

Duale Medizin Health Culture and Marketing Company

Health is also about culture. The best physician uses his or her cultural and medical knowledge even before the illness occurs. We can all contribute to our own health. Our goal: bringing you health!

Our concern, from the very beginning, is to supply you with high quality products and services. Previously, you had a lot of work getting the necessary medical substances. Now, we are able to provide you with most of the substances in-house. You can take them with you right away: Non-prescription drugs such as nutritional supplements, vitamins and mineral substances, Chinese herbs, teas, medical cosmetics, etc.

We are delighted to introduce you to the medicine of other cultures: We promote the training of health specialists and support scholarships, work permits and exchange programs, for example with China, and organize lectures and information events as well as cultural and natural medicine educational trips.