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About us

We are a private medical practice based in Munich and Berlin. We are specialized in natural medicine, natural healing endocrinology, immunology and oncology.

„Dual Medicine" has been developed by Dr. Elke Schwesig-Seebach and represents a balanced therapy concept:

  • The patient will be - if necessary and required - examined and diagnosed by two therapists with different professional backgrounds.
  • This creates at least a two-track treatment concept and an effective and time-efficient treatment plan.

A combined Therapy of Natural Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is more effective: Our diagnostic perspective as well as our therapeutic possibilities are enhanced by these procedures and add up to a combined and balanced therapy - highly effective and in support of “best aging”. It facilitates the inner healing powers and provides the necessary support with the help of carefully selected herbal, homeopathic, orthomolecular or conventional medical substances such as nature identical hormones. Excellent acupuncture, Tuina, osteopathy as well as dental treatment support the concept. We work in close cooperation with hand-picked and holistic doctors and therapists.